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Like Me

by Qid Love

Keep On 13:28
Run Away 10:19
The Way Home 08:27
Like Me 11:05


A cute little alien crash lands on a strange planet. They are frightened and all alone until they come across a slightly broken robot that looks a little like them.

Definitely trans allegory.

Official-ish press releas-y type stuff:

Qid Love's track "Keep On", off of their latest album “Like Me”, is a captivating exploration within their guitar-focused solo work. With a focus on augmented harmonic textures, Qid Love creates an experimental and ambient composition that invites listeners on an emotional journey. The track weaves a poignant trans allegory through its alien protagonist, which reflects Qid’s own life as a trans/non-binary individual. Through improvisational narration, it depicts feelings of deep loneliness that gradually dissipate as the alien realizes the extent to which others share in its experience.

"Keep On" showcases Qid Love's expertise in crafting immersive soundscapes using their 7-string Strandberg, guitar pedals, and iPad Pro. The album "Like Me" was created through improvisation, where each track developed organically within a sonic environment set up on the iPad. This approach allowed for a seamless flow from one track to another.

Drawing inspiration from an array of musical influences ranging from Prince to avant-garde guitarists like Marc Ribot, Qid Love's artistry breaks boundaries and challenges conventional norms. Their ability to create captivating compositions, alongside their talents in digital artwork and filmmaking, solidifies Qid Love as a multi-faceted and visionary artist.


released April 22, 2023

Improvised and produced by Qid Love.

Gear: Strandberg Boden NX 7, Gamechanger Audio Plus, Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal, SSS SRV, Strymon Deco, tc electronic Subnup, electro-harmonix Mel9, M-Audio Air 192/14, iPad Pro M2

Apps: AUM, AU3FX Suite, PD Space Guitar, Looperator, Attack Softener, Bass-Mint, Wires, Other Desert Cities, Springs, Blindfold EQ, Dials, Texture, Mantis, FIlterjam, Glitchcore, Timeless 3, Rymdigare, Bubbles, SpaceFields, Replicant 3, Reels, JazzDrummer, MidiLFOs




Qid Love Seattle, Washington

Qid Love is a trailblazing artist, pushing the boundaries of experimental improvised music with their unique blend of guitar mastery and iPad wizardry.

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