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Drone, Glitch, and Blues

by Mood481

Mind Twist 12:06
Anthem 04:50


I needed to get this out. I thought it might be my return to guitar music and the demise of Mood481, but at the end, I feel it's still very much a Mood481 album. This is heavy and intense, and maybe hard to listen to, but I feel I did my best at capturing how the world feels to me right now: angry, sad, anxious, and raw. Making this was cathartic and healing, and I hope listening to it does something positive for you.


released June 15, 2020

Performed and produced by Qid Love on an iPad Pro.

Gear: Strandberg Boden 6 guitar, iPad Pro, Macbook Pro, iConnectivity Audio4+

iPad Apps: AUM, Aparillo, Factory, Patterning, WOW Filterbox, AudioReverb, Bias FX 2, Looperator, Master Record, AudioShare, AUFX:Push, AUFX:PeakQ, Crystals Harmonizer, Replicant 2, Discord 4, GlitchCore, Dubstation 2, and Gain Stage Vintage Clean.

MBP Apps: Archetype Plini, Ableton Live 9




Qid Love Seattle, Washington

Experimental electronic and ambient music by Seattle transmedia artist Qid Love. Proudly non-binary, gendervague, neuroqueer, and autistic. They/them

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